Jenco EngineersODM/OEM partnerships are a cornerstone of our business. Jenco is the original design manufacturer (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) for companies around the globe on projects that range from branding Jenco products with a company’s logo to creating custom products that deliver advanced functionality.

By partnering with Jenco Instruments, you’ll gain access to a team of in-house experienced technical engineers and developers to provide an end-to-end solution that delivers a superior product and continues to build your brand equity.

Why work with Jenco?:

  • Jenco has 45 years of experience creating water quality instruments and a decades-long history of deep relationships with our OEM/ODM partners.
  • Jenco has a demonstrated track record of respecting design and function intellectual properties of partners.
  • Jenco has a seasoned team of hardware engineers, firmware engineers, industrial designers, mechanical/tooling engineers, and product managers to create the best product for our customers possible, Additional Jenco has iOS/Android app developers, UI/UX designers, and product managers to create custom-branded smartphone applications to enhance the experience of your water-quality instruments.
  • Jenco has native English-speaking engineers, project managers, and senior management as well as a strong U.S. support staff that makes working with the company seamless.
  • Jenco products have superior quality ratings, with a less than 0.25% defect rate across our product line.
  • There is no minimum order requirement for OEM products and no upfront development fees for ODM products.

Types of Projects

Private labeling—Jenco has a proven track record of quickly bringing branded products to the market according to your branding specifications, including custom faceplate designs, housing colors, new manuals, and packaging. Original custom product creation—Turn your ideas for water-quality products into commercially viable products with Jenco engineering, product management, production, quality assurance, and industrial design. Smartphone app design and development—With experienced app developers and UX specialists on staff, Jenco can help you develop apps that enhance the experience of using water quality instruments.


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