As a distributor, serving your customers starts with offering the best products—and finding the best productsstarts with working the right partner. Not only do you need to find a company that offers high-quality products at competitive prices, but you also need a partner you can trust who understands your business goals and customers’ needs. 

If it’s water quality instruments you are interested in, then you’ve come to the right place. Jenco’s mission has stayed the same for more than 45 years, ever since we built the world’s first digital portable pH meter. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of water quality instruments, while continuously evolving and improving as technologies and industries change. Today, our distributors sell Jenco water quality instruments to customers in a variety of industries, including:

Jenco Distributors
  • Aquaculture
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Food and beverage
  • Groundwater
  • Government
  • Hydroponics
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing
  • Pool and spa
  • Pharmaceutical

We pride ourselves on working closely with all of our distributors to help grow businesses, exceed expectations, and delight customers. But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading to see what three of our distributors have to say about how they found Jenco, what it’s been like working with us, what they think about our products, and more.


Background and Challenge

Anura is a U.S.-based distributor that sells products on Amazon. Selling anything on Amazon is tricky, and to stand out, distributors need to differentiate their listings and find products that sell well, but aren’t selling too much. 

Anura decided to enter the water quality market in 2017 and was looking for a high-quality supplier that produced instruments and related accessories that it could sell on Amazon, including to niche markets.

“We were researching different categories and product lines, and we came across water quality,” says Randy Bechtold, Anura’s principal owner. “Let’s face it: The marijuana industry in the United States is growing like crazy, and business is business. Everyone in that industry that grows hydroponically needs these meters.”


Once the decision was made to resell water quality equipment, Bechtold ran a quick Google search for “high-quality water testing equipment” and came across Jenco. 

hydroponics water quality

As an Amazon seller, Bechtold knows that a product’s look and design can make or break its sales, and he wasimpressed. 

“If you’re going to sell on Amazon, images are important,” he says. “When I saw their meters, I knew they were high quality,” says Bechtold. “They just looked better than the other products that I saw, and that caught my attention.” 

After looking through Jenco’s website and product portfolio, Bechtold called Jenco’s San Diego office, and then flew to Taiwan to meet Jenco Executive Vice President Stephen Jen. Bechtold loved Jenco’s products, the price point, and the company—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Results and the Future

According to Bechtold, Anura’s customers love the products they’re distributing, and the company’s relationship with Jenco is strong. 

“Everyone is always pleased with the quality and what they’re getting,” says Bechtold. “And having a supplier like Jenco is pretty much unheard of. There are so many obstacles that could come up—language barriers, different time zones, you name it. But Jenco has been so easy to talk to, so accessible. We’re placing orders together every day, and they’re great to work with. They’re very accommodating.”

Additionally, Bechtold adds, “Stephen is such a great guy to work with. We have a really good business relationship.” 

Today, Bechtold is leveraging Jenco-branded water quality meters on Amazon to grow its business, delivering targeted water instrument ads to hydroponic farmers, brewmasters, cheesemakers, pool and spa businesses, aquariums, and more.

"And having a supplier like Jenco is pretty much unheard of. There are so many obstacles that could come up—language barriers, different time zones, you name it. But Jenco has been so easy to talk to, so accessible."



Background and Challenge

Spraytech is a South Africa-based company that sells and services analytical and process instrumentation, as well as precision spray nozzles and water filters to customers in numerous industries, including: 

  • Agriculture and engineering
  • Aquaculture and fish farming
  • Dairy
  • Food and beverage
  • Hydroponics
  • Metal and finishing
  • Mining
  • Tunnel farming
  • Water and sanitation

Several years ago, Spraytech faced strong competition in the East, particularly in China and Taiwan, so the company began researching what brands they could distribute in South Africa.


Water quality equipment

The Spraytech team had come across Jenco’s products before, and the company’s managing director, BryanStewart, says they were “impressed with the quality and technology.” So, Stewart reached out to Jenco and visited its factory to learn more about it. 

“They take a lot of pride in their company and the manufacturing, quality control, research and development, and everything else,” says Stewart. “Their dispatch departments were all very well organized and managed, too. My wife, son, and I were very warmly received and entertained during our visit, and we hope to repeat the journey again sometime in the future.”

Results and the Future

So far, Spraytech’s partnership with Jenco has been successful, according to Stewart. He says he’s pleased that Jenco stays on the cutting edge of technology and market requirements, and Spraytech is in the process of updating their website and will soon be offering Jenco products on-line.

“We’ve built a very good working relationship with Jenco and are very pleased with the full range of their products,” he says. “We are still impressed with their attention to detail, their very prompt responses, and their willingness to attend to any problems—and listen to suggestions.”

For Stewart, one interaction in particular explains his working relationship with Jenco perfectly: 

“We ran into a problem, and they set up a Skype conference not only with their sales department, but also directly with their production, research and development, and repairs departments,” says Stewart. “We had never before had such cooperation, and I remain impressed with Jenco to this day.”

"We are still impressed with their attention to detail, their very prompt responses, and their willingness to attend to any problems—and listen to suggestions."


JJS Technical ServicesJJS Technical Services

Background and Challenge

JJS Technical Services is a U.S.-based company that distributes industrial instruments. The company had been selling gas protection monitors that attach to belts and shirt pockets and notify workers when gas levels in a workspace become unsafe. After analyzing its website traffic and seeing that many customers were searching for “chlorine,” JJS decided that it was time to add water quality instruments to its lineup. 


While at a trade show sourcing new vendors—a routine activity for the company—JJS CEO Joe Spratley spotted the Jenco booth and struck up a conversation. 

“I liked their product and the person I was talking to was very helpful and very friendly, and I thought it was going to be a great relationship,” says Spratley. 

water quality tools distributors

According to Spratley, Jenco not only offers high-quality products that are 

competitively priced, but it alsooffers marketing collateral that helps sell.

Additionally, Spratley says, after having worked with a well-known competitor and been disappointed with the product quality, he learned that Jenco actually designs products for that very competitor—as well as other companies in the industry—but Jenco’s production quality and standards are much higher. 

“I figured: If those companies were using the designs from Jenco, the quality must be really good,” says Spratley. “I thought the Jenco suite would be a great addition to our product line.”

So, the JJS team ordered a few products, learned more about the full product line, and added Jenco’s water quality instruments to its offerings. JJS also received some training over the phone, and Spratley says his team appreciates that Jenco support is just a quick phone call away. 

Results and the Future

Fast-forward to today, and JJS has been working with Jenco for more than five years. Spratley says that his company’s relationship with Jenco has been one of the easiest—and this comes from a company that regularly works with 50 to 60 other vendors. 

“Many companies have crazy requirements. You might have to buy $50,000 of a product up front or sign a million-page document,” he says. “We’ll be selling their products and sending them orders every day, and then they’ll come out with new terms or take products away from us and say you can’t sell those anymore. They’re just difficult to deal with. You can’t get a hold of them when you have questions. Or maybe they have a really long lead time. We don’t have any of those problems with Jenco.”

Today, the company sells both gas and Jenco water quality meters to industrial and analytical customers, including manufacturers, laboratories, and universities.  Overall, Spratley says he wishes more of the vendors he works with could emulate Jenco’s approach.

“What I really liked about Jenco was that it was a really easy process. It was really easy to get started with them. They didn’t require us to jump through a million hoops. Employees tell me all the time that they wished all of our vendors were like Jenco,” says Spratley. 

“We definitely want to continue selling Jenco’s products for as long as we can, because it’s a great product line, and they couldn’t be better to work with.”

“What I really liked about Jenco was that it was a really easy process. It was really easy to get started with them. They didn’t require us to jump through a million hoops."

Get Started as a Jenco Distributor

If you’re interested in becoming a Jenco distributor and selling our suite of products to your customers, we’d love to have you on board. In addition to our competitive prices, you’ll also benefit from:  

  • An experienced partner: We’ve been designing and engineering high-quality water quality instruments since 1973. 
  • Unrivaled quality: Our products are engineered to ensure superior quality with a less than 0.25 percent defect rate across our entire product line, and every product is inspected and verified by multiple teams.
  • Marketing and sales collateral: Distributors have access to fully customizable marketing and sales collateral to address customer pain points and challenges.
  • Innovative products: Our pioneering spirit and relentless focus on quality help us offer distributors the most innovative products, including gesture-operated benchtop meters that can stream data over Wi-Fi networks.
  • No minimums: With no minimum order requirements, distributors can either keep products fully stocked or order for just-in-time delivery.
  • Loyalty discounts: Our distributors receive a 25 percent to 50 percent discount, which can be used when purchasing Jenco demo products.
  • Expert support: Our U.S.-based support staff and warehouse ensure fast delivery and seamless communication without the hassle of time zones.
  • A quick start: Distributors receive immediate access to support, which includes receipt of our Distributor Kit within 24 hours of onboarding. 

Sign up to become a Jenco distributor today. We look forward to working with you!


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